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Gasp! In the Temple?!?! Wait for it…

August 30, 2011

2 Kings 23:6-7 NLT, 2 Kings 23:11-12 NLT, 1 Corinthians 3:16 NLT and 2 Corinthians 6:16 NLT

Man, this hit me yesterday while listening & driving – thank You Lord.

Initial thought: Wow! How bold (and galactically stupid!) for God’s chosen people to bring items of other-god worship into the Holy Temple! It slapped me in the face that these people would have the nerve to do that. I was really shocked.

Then it hit me.

As a child of God/follower of Jesus Christ, I am now the Holy Temple of the Almighty God in the form of Holy Spirit. Ooops. What have I worshiped (given my attention to) in the Temple instead of God? What idols are in there still? What have I duped myself into believing that it’s okay to leave there?

Lord – clean house. I don’t want to take You where You don’t want to go. Or, let in what is not holy in your sight, for when I do, I am just like the many kings who “did evil in the sight of the Lord”. I have allowed this to go on for too long. Thank for for Your revelation yesterday.

Truth is, I am a new creation in Christ – the old is gone; the new has come! The Holy Spirit is living in me. It is true that some of the baggage of the old life/flesh is still laying around. But I’m not double minded…I can act that way sometimes, but that is not who I really am. Kind of like the kings who did as the Lord commanded, but didn’t destroy all of the golden calves, etc…

Ugh. That’s me. Lord, thank You for shining Your light on this for me yesterday.

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