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Carry The Load – Memorial Day weekend (May 26 – 27, 2013)

May 29, 2013

So, my Carry The Load after action report is as follows:

Total team dollars raised (as of this evening) = $19,031 (still in 5th place!)

Total miles rucked by Loveless = 28 miles

  • 21 miles with 56 pound rucksack (rucked between 4PM & 2AM)
  • 1st 7 miles dedicated to:  LT JARVIS BUTLER – 22nd Infantry Regiment , 42nd (Rainbow) Division, KIA 06 January 1945. My great uncle – Posthumously received the Bronze Star for heroic action. Quoting the citation, “On January 6, 1945 near Kilstett, France, when the leading platoon of his company was pinned down by heavy machine gun section across 300 yards of open terrain and into position from which it could support the 2nd platoon. Observing that the 1st platoon was still subjected to intensive enemy fire, Lt. Butler attempted to cross open terrain in the face of hostile fire in order to reconnoiter for new machine gun positions but in so doing was hit by sniper fire and killed.”
  • 2nd 7 miles dedicated to:  MAJ. MATTHEW “BUBBA” WORRELL – 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Night Stalkers) AH-6M Helicopter pilot, KIA 14 May 2006. Maj. Worrell was shot down by enemy fire during combat operations in Yusifyah, south of Baghdad, Iraq. (
  • 3rd 7 miles dedicated to:  2LT ZACHARY COOK – died 13 Jan 2009 in a helicopter crash on the Texas A&M campus. He was one of five officers aboard the Black Hawk UH 60 when it crashed upon takeoff during part of an annual training exercise. (
  • 7 miles with 25 pound rucksack (had to cut my weight to finish)
  • 4th 7 miles dedicated to:  FDNY Ladder 25 who lost 7 men & Rescue 1 who lost all 11 men on 9/11/01. We remember.

Total blister count – yeah.  Lots.


Experience – PRICELESS!


It was tough, but reality checks were all around me…I did hurt, however, I was alive to experience the hurt.  There were wounded warriors on the trail too – doing all I was doing, but with one less leg or arm.  What do I have to complain about?

Freedom is not Free – and heroes paid for our freedom with the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.  Plenty of our soldiers – fighting as free men – have laid down their lives to “liberate the oppressed” in tons of dark corners of the world.


Pre-ruck prayer.

ctl 1

The obligatory “before” picture. Team WWFF had 22 ruckers!


The Start/Finish line and the walk out to the Katy Trail was lined with American flags…awesome.


14 miles in with two of our former Force Recon Marines – PT STUDS!


And they’re off!


Loop 4 was dedicated to FDNY Ladder 25 & Rescue 1 – both who lost men on 9/11/01. Ladder 23 lost 7 men; Rescue 1 lost all 11 of their men in the WTC attacks.


Dylan Loveless & Andrew Ligon take a quick break on the second leg of Loop 1.


Jason & Dylan – great time with this boy.

CTL 10

Dylan trying on the Navy SEAL Desert Patrol Vehicle for size. Yeah, it fits.

CTL 11

Team WWFF Rally Point.

CTL 12


CTL 13

The Katy Trail had thinned out after lap 1! Here is some of Team WWFF rucking back on the second half of Loop 2 to complete 14 miles.

CTL 14

Heading out for Loop 2: From L to R: Matt Wiskur, Jason Loveless, Greg Ligon, Dave Dugger, Mike Williams.

CTL 15

Dad & Dylan on first half of Loop 1


FINISHED with Loop 4 (for me) –
From L to R: Jake McCormick (USMC), Tom Seaberry (USMC), Joe Welock (USMC), Mike Williams, Mitch Mahaffey (USAF), Matt Wiskur, Jason Loveless (TXARNG), Dave Dugger.


Foot aftermath after loop 3.  Yes, that is Duct Tape holding my heel blister in from rubbing.

Foot aftermath after loop 3. Yes, that is Duct Tape holding my heel blister in from rubbing…and yes, it did work!  Thankfully!






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  1. Tracy Wood permalink
    May 30, 2013 2:05 PM

    Loved the report. Count me in for next year as one of your supporters- maybe you can show me how to leverage my interest and my contacts into helping you reach higher.
    Thanks for the blessing! Tracy

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